Perfecting Paradise

Years ago, my sister, my husband, and I scraped all we could together to purchase our first home. It was in need of updating, a true fixer-upper, but at the right price. We figured we would have our home top notch in no time! And then we experienced the reality of homeownership.

Three years straight of EVERY weekend at Home Depot and every spare dollar and minute went into our home. With our dedication and sweat equity, we sold the home and moved forward into another place, ready to try it all again. We were searching for a Perfect Paradise.

We painted, landscaped, redesigned, wrestled and shaped all kinds of projects in an effort to perfect our Paradise. Yet, we realized this cycle of building and creating never truly ends. While Perfection is a myth we discovered Paradise is real.

Yes, there will always be a wall to paint and a space to reorganize. There will always be a project to start and something that must be fixed. That is all part of Paradise. Strive to bring about a better place for you to enjoy with those you love. Congratulate yourself when you complete one project but embrace the opportunity to start the next. Stretch yourself to bring your Paradise that much closer to Perfection.

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