A Positive Paradise

imageSeptember 1961, Atlantic City

My sister and I have been blessed with a heart of gold Dad! The most positive person I know, he will find a silver lining in any cloud that may drift his way. Once, I questioned at how easily he dismisses the stormy skies in life. His relaxed and smiling reply was why would he want to think about the bad times? Why, indeed?!

He has championed our causes and cheered us on, no matter the challenge. With a constant reminder to all to, “Bring your jacket!” he reveals his overly cautious nature and care. And, yes, if you visit with him, be prepared to eat something. He will offer you varying samples from the pantry until he hears a yes. That is just who he is, a supportive and nurturing soul.

I love my Dad for so many reasons including the example he has set for us with an unwavering and thankful focus on the fortunate moments in his life, on his Paradise. It is a lesson that I have been trying to learn and one I see my husband echo as he teaches our daughter to find her smile when completing any task at hand. With a heart full of love I wish my Dad a Happy Father’s Day in Paradise!

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