Celebrations in Paradise

imageWe have a family tradition of celebrating birthdays during summertime at a lovely beachside Italian place. The gourmet dishes combined with the casual ambience suits our volume challenged family. (Seriously, we are a LOUD bunch!) This year, our WA family joined in celebrating my Mom’s birthday, and we dined, laughed, and reminisced as we toasted another year and another opportunity to be together. That is the best part. Together.

While solitude certainly has its place and reflection is necessary for appreciation and growth, there is a dynamic quality to just being together. Whenever my Mom toasts, glass held high she states, “Now and Forever!” I feel it is a reminder to capture these moments of celebration and fun. Hang on to them. Be in the moment of now, but carry these memories with you to forever.

As the sometimes obedient daughter I am (stop laughing, those of you that knew me in my teen years!), I will honor the Birthday Girl’s command and celebrate these times in Paradise both now and forever.
Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you and thank you for reminding me to cherish my time together in Paradise, both Now and Forever!

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