Paradise through the Years

My husband’s Grandfather will celebrate his 94th birthday next week. Talk about perspective! He has seen, (and done!) it all. I love listening to him tell stories of the eras gone by. There is nothing more captivating than hearing an authentic account of history. A soldier in WWII, he is of the Greatest Generation, a description so perfectly named. He, despite his good fortunes, clings to a ‘worst case senerio’ perspective that provides a realistic approach to an otherwise charmed life. I often wonder where Paradise is for someone who has lived a life so full and dynamic. Yet, it seems, based on years of conversation, that Paradise is a fabric weaved with all the best threads of your times. Something to cover you with and provide a warmth like no other when the days are growing colder. So, I challenge you to find your memories of Paradise and capture them so you, too, can cover yourself in the warmth that only special times with those you love can provide.