Paddling to Paradise

imageMy daughter loves the beach. It is her Paradise. The waves, sea, and sand are among her best companions. This weekend, as we gave a tearful farewell to summer, we enjoyed one last ride. But, sometimes, even Paradise has its pitfalls.

On this blindingly bright morning, the swells were just a bit too intimidating, more so when they  have already swallowed you up and smacked your confidence. She paddled out, took a pounding, and returned to shore to watch the others. Watching, waiting, she  began to understanding that even the most treasured of places, her true Paradise, needs attention and adjustments to work.

That is really it. A Paradise doesn’t just happen. It is not stagnate and will not wait for you to catch up. Like my daughter’s waves, it is enchanting, powerful, but needs your thoughtful approach to make it work for you. Paddle out to yours, whatever shore it is. It will be worth the ride!