Paradise Motto

imageLive, laugh, love is a favorite saying of one of my dearest friends. It is a perfect reminder of what should be the focus of our lives. Why is it that we allow distractions to get in the way?

Live. Appreciate the moment you are enjoying. Your “to do” list will still be there waiting.

Laugh. We all have the weight of obligation and unexpected obstacles. Sharing a positive perspective is the best way to work through them.

Love. We all have flaws; don’t spend time looking for them. Celebrate the strength in others and love them for it.

May you be able to minimize the distractions this week and live, laugh, and love! That will truly be a Paradise.


One thought on “Paradise Motto”

  1. The perfectness of imperfection is often overlooked in today’s “gotta have it perfect and have it now” world!

    Napoleon Hill’s concept that within every challenge is the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit, and living each moment with an attitude of gratitude is how to care for, germinate, sow, and grow that seed to actualize our potential in life.

    Easier said than done, but I’ve found the habit of always looking for those opportunities wrapped in my frustrations keeps me on the path of life with appreciation and gratefulness….and I enjoy my NOWs much more!

    All the best Shauna,

    Darin Ward

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