Pretending in Paradise



Halloween! The best evening for pretending! I hope you all enjoyed a fun and spooky evening with friends and loved ones. As Halloween is the official kick off of Holiday Season for us, I invite you to begin your reflective journey this season and count those blessings before you count the obligations.
Sometimes I love to pretend, pretend I don’t have to go to work Monday mornings or I don’t have to finish the tasks that an aging house requires or pretend that I dont have the worries of life that I carry. Then I really begin to consider the alternatives. I don’t need to pretend that I have a family who loves and cares for me. I don’t need to pretend I have friends who will support me. I don’t need to pretend that my life would be better if only…mine is filled with immeasurable blessings.
Pretend you couldn’t tell those you loved just how much they mean to you. Pretend you couldn’t move, think, and live as you have enjoyed these past many years. Scary, right! Now, stop pretending and start your season of Thanksgiving in the Paradise you have created.