Paradise at Work?

Throughout the 20 years invested in my career, I have been fortunate enough to carve out a bit of Paradise. The essential ingredient: the Right People next to you! Like anyone else’s career choice, there are perks and drawbacks –moments I am thankful for choosing this path and moments when I bang my head against the wall with the, “What was I thinking, taking this job?!?” phrase knocking through my mind. But what I have discovered, year after year, is that the Right People will help you create a Paradise, no matter where you are.

The Right People decorate your work place with their wit, humor, and generosity. They can elicit laughter during the darkest experiences, support risk taking ideas, and tether you when those risks tempt you to wander too far out on a limb.

We all find ourselves in frustrating stages, stagnate times, and questioning why we answer to our early morning alarm. It is those creative and dynamic moments with the Right People that energize us to keep going and strengthen our success.

Today I want to offer my sincere appreciation to the Right People who have helped me carve and color my 20 years with vibrant scenes of a bit of Paradise. Don’t forget to thank yours for these wonderful people make your days (and years) better and brighter.