Paradise on a Plate

I love to eat. In the eat to live vs. live to eat contest I find myself in the latter. Thankfully, my husband loves to cook or else my daughter and I would be suffering through endless scrambled egg dinners – my culinary contribution for the nights when we are dining on our own. He is often creating a fantastic dish, complete with plated perfection, and stating, “Someone get a camera!” We enjoy these lesiure dinners more than a trip to a swanky restaurant as the flavors are tailored to our tastebuds and the parking is never a problem.
This inspiration comes from many evenings spent in our youth at the ULTIMATE dinner destination, a friend’s home where everything was artfully prepared and the decor, music, menu, and entertainment were incomparable. My husband and I still toast to these memorable, impressionable occasions and are so thankful for the experiences and what they taught us about how to enjoy dining and sharing a plate of Paradise.
Today our favorite ‘restaurant’ is right around the corner, the house of our close friends where they, too, create amazing dinners worthy of a photograph. There we can sample and share not only delicious flavors but enjoy the company of Forever Friends as we celebrate and survive the triumphs and tribulations that life serves. Open the fridge and call your friends over with the toast, “Here’s to you!” Enjoy a night of fine dining, relishing an extra serving in Paradise!