Postcards from Paradise

Any paradise will do. That was a statement on a shirt I wore all throughout the 8th grade. I loved that shirt, “borrowed” from my sister’s side of the closet more times than I can remember. Little did I know the significance of that statement. Now, older and wiser, I am beginning to understand. My husband often states, “It’s all about perspective!” and I have come to embrace this notion. For me, home is and has always been my paradise. I have visited glorious places: walked the Hall of Mirrors, soaked up Hawaiian sunsets, shivered from┬áthe Nordic chill on the streets of Oslo, admired God’s tapestry in the cliffs of Lake Powell. Yet no matter where I am I appreciate the arrival home more than the journey. My paradise is with my family and friends, enjoying the perspective of times when I am surrounded by them, whether in celebration or contemplation. And so, with a welcoming spirit, I invite you to glimpse my Postcards from Paradise for 2015. Enjoy this new journey and may it positively shift your own perspective to Paradise.