Puppies in Paradise

We rescued our dog, Tye, from Pet Orphans. I like to think he chose us, just like our next rescue dog a year later, Jewel. These crazy canines were our first kids. I, as many of us do, babied these puppies and allowed them to rule the roost. How could I not? Who else but your tail wagging dog will greet you with an outpouring of love and devotion EVERY time you walk in the house? Who else, no matter how many things you did wrong that day, will look at you as if you are the only person that matters and snuggle next to you on the couch for as long as you would like?
There is something magical and healing about our furry, four legged family members. Despite their barking, digging, indoor accidents, and endless shedding, we love them and they make our homes complete.
I miss Tye and Jewel everyday for different reasons but mostly because the love they shared with all of us each day. They have been gone a while now but I like to think that their spirits are in a Paradise, where they can run, jump, and play to their generous hearts’ content. One day we will invite another puppy to join our family, but for now I am thankful for the 15 years that Tye and Jewel made our home just a little bit more of a Paradise.
Give your dog (or cat!) an extra hug today. Go ahead and take them for a walk or let them cuddle into your lap on the couch. For it is only you that can make their days a Paradise, too!



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  1. hi mom, thank you for writing what you did . I miss them so much and can’t wait till we get another. I was only with them for ten years and that was enough time to love them.

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