Sunrise in Paradise

I often wake before dawn. Exhausted, I prepare for the day in a sleepy haze, usually wishing to return to my pillow. But the mornings I wake in the dark and prepare to join my Friends for a few hours of exercise and conversation are so worth the fatigue.
We began this once a week date several years ago in preparation for a marathon. None of us were runners; no one could even claim a 5k completed! But we walked, jogged, ran, and trained until we faced that ultimate 26.2 challenge… every mile in the relentless, pouring rain. We thought after that water-logged journey our race days were behind us. But we found something much more valuable in our time together than the marathon medal we earned.
I am so proud that our dedication continues years later. We sign up for races and cheer each others’ growing medal collections. We increased our vocabulary to include references to things like Personal Best. And that is really what it is all about, although it doesn’t always have to do with a lowered race time. The early mornings we spend together are always a reminder to me that I have surrounded myself with others who strive for their Personal Best. These accomplished women do this in their jobs, their relationships with their families, and with the difficult decisions life sometimes forces upon us. They help me keep racing toward my Personal Best, or my Paradise. And, the best part, they keep me laughing every step of the way!


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