Ladybugs Paradise Style

imageI saw a picture of bottle cap ladybugs and knew that would be something fun to add to the yard where our daughter plays. A resourceful and creative sort (that’s her Daddy’s genes comin’ through!), this kid has an inspired outdoor kitchen where only the very best mudpies and dirt lattes are served. She explains it is her pioneer kitchen and even crafted a swing to add to the fun.
Spending HOURS out there, the notion of having a few full-time ladybugs was welcomed. And then the fabrication began.
I offered instructions, many of which were promptly overlooked, and set some firm rules that would allow us to actually complete the project. During this fanciful construction, I caught myself (thankfully!) censoring her input. Once I allowed the suggestions to flow back and forth, and encouraged the improvisation, the ladybugs, and the smiles, began to take shape.
So much of our lives require flexibility, and may, at times, stretch us beyond comfort. I know that my version of Paradise is not always what others would see as Paradise. Realizing this and inviting others’ perspectives allows me to sort through the myraid of ideas and include some overlooked colors and textures that enhance my own version of Paradise and make it that much better. So when you have others in your Paradise, listen, relax, and enjoy what they contribute. It just may add a sparkle and shine, or a ladybug, to your world!